Our Story
Here's a brief synopsis of our story: It all started back in September 1995, when God called me to reach people for Him through a Christian Talk Show, "Grace". In a city, Las Vegas, NV, known as "sin city" Romans 5:20, came to mind ..."But where sin increased, grace increased all the more,". The shows were aired locally in Las Vegas and a station in Boca Raton, Florida picked it up. After that we went on to produce videos for churches, in our city. In 2007 when my husband was pastoring at a rescue mission, God laid it on my heart to write a script about an alcoholic, who ends up going through recovery. I'm not a writer, but through prayer God helped me through the writing process and a script was completed, for a feature length film. As of July 2010, we became a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Our focus is to create faith-based sermon starters, shorts and feature length films. We feel what will separate us from other filmmakers, is great storytelling with a biblical message.

As of October 2020 Grace Pictures launched CHRCH Online. For more information visit chrchonline.com.
Our prayer is that God uses these projects, as a tool, to reach people for His Glory.
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